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A historical edifice in the city of Prayagraj that still stands tall against the time, is Prayagraj Fort. Earlier known as the Allahabad Fort, this historical attraction has been the part of the city’s evolution from the Mughal era to the present time.  It was the great Mughal Emperor, Akbar who erected this masterpiece in the year 1583 on the bank of River Yamuna. The unmatchable beauty of this popular tourist attraction in Prayagraj boasts intricate design, magnificent construction and exquisite craftsmanship. Such is the charm of this place that what was an icon of victory of the Mughal Empire has now become synonymous to the city’s alluring beauty and rich historical past.

A walk in the premises of the fort allows you to explore the beautiful halls and palaces along with the Ashoka Pillar and Saraswati Koop.  A 10.6 m high Ashoka Pillar is one of the key highlights of this entire place which traces its history to 232 B.C. Not just this, the pillar is made up of sandstone and boasts various edicts along with a Persian inscription of Jahangir - the fourth Mughal emperor.

Inside the complex of this must-visit tourist place in Prayagraj, there are three spacious galleries that are sided by the high towers. However, visitors can only enter to a limited area of the fort as it is now under the authority of the Indian army. One of the most exquisite features of the architecture of Prayagraj Fort, is the outer wall which rises above the water edges of River Yamuna. Along with that, within the fortress, there is located a highly revered sacred site in Prayagraj - Patalpuri Temple which was believed to be visited by Lord Rama. Besides, Akshaya Vat - an ancient sacred Banyan tree is also a renowned holy site in the fort. On a whole, Prayagraj Fort is one those places in Prayagraj that can’t be ignored while holidaying in the city                                                                                                              

Opening / Closing Timings

Prayagraj Fort stays open all days of the week. One can visit the place on any day from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

Best Time to Visit

The city of Prayagraj enjoys a pleasant weather condition in the winter season that makes the season the best time to explore all attractions including the Prayagraj Fort. The winter season in Praygraj commences in the month of October and continues until March.

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee.


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