Threatened bell for Android users, 100 percent more viruses downloaded from Play Store

Google has released the Android Security Report 2018. This report from Google is like a danger bell for Android users across the globe.

Is your smartphone safe? Is there any virus in it? Google has released the Android Security Report 2018 to respond to your questions. This report by Google is like a danger bell for Android users across the globe. According to this report, the app downloaded from the Google Play Store in 2018 has increased 100 percent of virus or malware compared to 2017. This figure is really shocking.

According to this report, more than 55% of downloaded downloads from the Google Play Store are click fraud advertising in that adware. After this, 16 percent of the app contains dangerous viruses like Torjan. Most of Brazil, USA and Mexico users have been targeted through the click fraud application.

Just a few days ago, Google had called these click fraud applications as an app that violates the Play Store policy. Apart from this, 28 percent of mailwears entered the playstore behind. Whereas, 25 percent of these were potentially harmful toruses. All these viruses can prove to be quite dangerous for any smartphone. Users may have to face problems like having a smartphone, hanging or over-consumption of batteries.

Google also said that due to the Google Play Protection anti-malware system, 1.6 billion (160 million) viruses were prevented from being installed on a smartphone. More than 73 percent of mailware users have installed from outside Google Play Store. Which is 20 percent higher than last year.

Google has also stated that the Torozen downloaded from outside the Google Play Store are from the Chamois Group. Which are pre-installed by some of the original Original Audio Equipment manufacturers in Android devices. The direct effect of these backdoors virus has happened to users in Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Vietnam.

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