OPPO is knocking in India with the new series, it will hit the online market.

OPPO is well known for new technology with the camera. So its new smartphone is coming with 'In-Screen Finger Print Sensor', which is also the USP of this handset.
The upcoming new series of OPPO will not only be seen on TV but it will also enhance your hands. Please tell that OPPO is coming with this special series this time, which is ready to make a place in the hearts of consumers while crossing the geographical and economic boundaries.

OPPO is well known for new technology with the camera. So its new smartphone is coming with 'In-Screen Finger Print Sensor', which is also the USP of this handset. For your information, let us know that electronics manufacturing company OPPO has launched its new series in China in October 2018, where it has managed success.

OPPO is the best choice for smartphones in India. Considering the sources, the price of the new series will be less than 20 thousand. Since e-commerce smartphones are cheaper than conventional offline, this can certainly benefit the common consumers.

Advanced Technology of OPPO: Keeping your customers in depth and keeping the price reasonable, OPPO always gives preference to high technology in their phones. Not only this, the company has developed many such technologies, which aim to improve the smartphone user experience. It includes camera-to-smart charging solutions. The goal of this innovation is to bring smartphone technology to the next level in India and around the world.

The sale of online smartphones has increased significantly among Indian buyers. Recent studies show that there is about 35-38% of e-commerce sales in total smartphones in India, which is growing at a steady pace. On the other hand OPPO has been the leader in the offline segment for the past 5 years and is also available online on all major virtual shopping sites.

Increasing online trends indicate that the presence of online retail market in the retail market is expected to increase from 2.5% in 2016 to 5% in 2020. According to the company's sources, "We have made our position very strong as an offline player. Now the time has come that we will be able to adjust to more and more users on the online channel and win their trust. Although we are not going to be an online brand yet, we will see the ground growing in a segment, which can not be denied by the people on the Internet, and who worked to increase sales on e-commerce is."
Given the growing demand of smartphones, there is a better opportunity for all manufacturers. Now there is a need to pay more attention to Tier-II and Tier 3 cities, which is a huge potential market. According to OPPO sources, its main focus is on offline channels, although after increasing the value of the brand, it will take advantage of the online channel. .

E-commerce is also a powerful medium for establishing direct communication with customers. It has been observed that those who buy online products do more information and research on the product before making a purchase. By the way, it has been understood by the brands that there is a wide scope in the online market and if it compares with other marketing methods it is quite convenient.

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