10 times Xiaomi 'copied' Apple: Smartphone and laptop design, names, ads and more

10 times Xiaomi 'copied' Apple: Smartphone and laptop design, names, ads and more
Ever since Xiaomi entered the landscape of technology, if there’s one tag it has never been able to shed is that of being an Apple ‘copycat’. So much so that it was once called “China’s Apple” and its vice-president at that time Hugo Barra even said, "I think it's great that Apple took existing ideas that were very good and added their design twist on top.. That's what they do. That's what we do." Yet, the striking resemblances in what Xiaomi does with Apple has already done. Jonny Ive, Apple’s main designer, had even indirectly accused Xiaomi of being “lazy” and what they do as “theft”. While we don’t want to get into the debate of what’s theft and who’s lazy, here we list out X Xiaomi that are heavily ‘inspired’ by Apple products
Mi4 ‘copied’ the iPhone 5
Look at the two phones and the resemblance is very striking. The chamfered edges in the Mi4 are very similar to the iPhone 5. That’s not all. When back in 2014, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun went on to stage he was dressed in a black and top and blue jeans, just like Steve Jobs. He also used the words, “one more thing” which were made famous by Jobs.
Mi Pad borrowed heavily from the iPad Mini and iPhone 5C
Mi Pad could be described as a device which had “the front of the iPad Mini and the rear of the iPhone 5C”. It was available in the exact same colours as the iPhone 5C. And it had the same screen size, aspect ratio and resolution as the iPad Mini.

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