Apple Tim Cook earns about Rs 957 crore in 2018, earns billions of crores

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Company, has received the highest bonus ever. Tim Cook received a bonus of Rs 84 crore in 2018. Regulatory filing of this information is given by the company. At the same time, if talking about the year 2017, Tim Cook got a bonus of 65 crores during this period. Let us know that the bonuses are fixed on the basis of company's revenues and operating income target.

Learn how much Tim Cook earns in 2018:

Tim Cook received a salary of 21 crores on September 29, 2018 (Apple's financial year ends this day). At the same time they were given shares of Rs 847 crores. Apart from this, there were Rs 4.77 crores as other allowances. In this way, his total income was Rs 956.77 crore. Figures will be examined by Tim Cook's highest earning share.
Amazon made number one company:

Amazon has stripped Microsoft's first rung Amazon has become the world's highest valuation company for the first time, leaving behind Microsoft. Let us tell you that when the American stock market closed on Monday, Amazon's market cap stood at Rs 56 lakh crore. At the same time, if you talk about Microsoft, its valuation is Rs 54.81 lakh crore. Apart from this, the alphabet is at number three and Apple is at number four. Let us tell you that Amazon has performed quite well this year compared to last year.

Amazon stock price jumped 90 times in 21 years:

The biggest role in Amazon's valuation has been played by the company's shares. Let me tell you that on May 15, 1997, Amazon's share price was $ 18. But now the price is $ 1,629.51. At the same time, the value of investing $ 1000 in the IPO has now gone up to 8.96 million dollars.

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