TRAI made MNP way too simple, know what the new rules

TRAI, the Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI), has made major changes in the MNP process. There was talk of change in the MNP process for the past several months. TRAI has stamped this on December 13. This new rule of TRAI has now made it even easier to get MNP. Now any customer will not have to wait 7 days to change their telecom operator.

What is the new rule of TRAI?

According to the new rules of TRAI, MNP process can be completed within just two days. Through this rule of TRAI, customers will not have to wait too long to change their telecom operator. According to this new rule, if the customer wants to change the telecom operator of his home circle, it will take 2 days for the subscribers. At the same time, if the customer wants to switch to any other telecom circle, it will take 4 days to complete the process.

UPC time limit was also reduced

TRAI has issued this rule in the name of Telecommunication Mobile Number Protection (Seventh Amendment) Regulation 2018. According to this rule, Mobile Number Protectability (MNP) has been made more accessible and simplified. In addition, the Authority has reduced the legality of the Unique Porting Code (UPC) from 15 days to 4 days. However, this rule is not for users of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North-East Circle. This rule has been implemented in addition to these circuits for other circles of the country.

Porting Request will be rejected by one SMS

According to the new rules of the Authority, it has been made easy to dismiss the porting request. This process can be completed only through an SMS. At the same time, the limit for corporate porting has been increased from 50 to 100. Corporate customers will now be able to port number 100 together. If telecom companies do not port the number of customers in a fixed time, then the penalty has been fixed for this.

Provision of penalty on telecom companies

According to the Authority, Telecom companies will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 per position in case of non-port number till the deadline. Telecom companies have to start the porting process within 24 hours of generating porting requests by the customers. If a porting request is rejected on the wrong basis, then every wrong rejection may have to be doubled. The maximum amount has been set to 10,000 rupees.

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