Samsung Galaxy A9 Smartphone Launch Equipped with 4 lens 47MP rear camera

The specialty of A9 Pro is that in this phone 4 cameras are provided on the rear. The company named it the world's first Quadap camera.
Samsung has launched its special smartphone Galaxy A9 Pro for Gadgets Lovers. This phone was launched during the company's event in Kuala Lumpur. The specialty of A9 Pro is that in this phone 4 cameras are provided on the rear. The company named it the world's first Quadap camera. Users will have to wait till November for its price. Its price will be announced during the launch in India in November. Do you know what is special for users in Galaxy A9 Pro?

Galaxy A9 Pro: Storage, Battery and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2018 has been given a big boost in terms of storage. Along with this, a bigger battery of 3800 mAh was also given in the phone. The A9 includes SD microchip processors with 128GB. In this, users will get up to 512GB of expandable storage. Along with the long-running battery, Fast Charging has become an important feature nowadays. The company claims that the minimum battery capacity of the phone after the test is 3720 mAh.

Galaxy A9 Pro: Colors, Display, Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy A9 Pro has been launched in three colors - Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink. It is being said that Lemonade Blue is the best color of all three. For users, the A9 has a 6.3-inch big screen. The company says that the big screen in the phone is given for multitasking and fun. In case of security, the phone can be unlocked with face recognition. With this, fingerprint scanner is also given at the rear of the phone. 3D Keyword Back is given in A9.

Galaxy A9: 4 rear camera, 120 degree ultra wide camera angle

The A9 is the world's first 4-rear camera smartphone. Its primary rear camera and self-camera are both 24MP. 5MP sensor with 24MP primary sensor on the rear of the Galaxy A9 is available for the depth effect. It has an 8MP ultra-wide angle sensor with 120 degree viewing angle and 10MP telephoto lens which supports 2x zoom. Overall the phone comes with a 24MP + 10MP + 8MP + 5MP or 47MP quad-lens rear camera. According to the company, this phone has made major changes in the case of technology, from which all the 4 cameras can get professional look. Other features include 2x optical zoom for 120 degree ultra-wide camera angle and close-up shots.

Its selfie camera comes with Focus Handi feature, which can make the photobombers blurred. Its selfie camera has features such as Pro Camera Lightning. The Live Focus feature offers a professional look to Selfies. Even after taking photos, you can adjust background blur. Galaxy A9 also has features such as AI Scene Recognition, Sean Optimizer, Depth Lens etc.

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